Reliable Non-Emergency Patient Transportation in Merced and Stockton CA

Medical transportation plays a crucial role in efficient healthcare service delivery. This solution isn’t only necessary during emergencies, it can also make a difference for patients in non-emergency situations. 

In California, several companies offer non-emergency medical transportation to accommodate patients who don’t have any other way to get around. Usually, these patients need to go to scheduled dialysis, doctor’s appointments, or post-op checkups but cannot use public or private transport. 

When requesting non-emergency medical transportation for you or your loved ones, make sure you’re getting the best service out there. Doing so doesn’t necessarily lead to paying a high price. But one thing’s for sure: you can get your money’s worth if the overall service is of excellent quality. 

Three Factors of a Safe Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

It’s the goal of non-emergency medical transportation experts to serve the vulnerable population with no access to a proper vehicle. The best service providers in California aim to achieve this goal by providing transport solutions that are: 

Carried out by committed professionals – A deep understanding of the challenges experienced by patients and their loved ones is important to build a company’s commitment to providing efficient services. The same commitment ensures that the company invests its resources in continuous service improvement

Door-to-door efficiency – Trusted non-emergency medical transportation providers like Active Transport take pride in their capacity to provide door-to-door services. These solutions are perhaps the safest options to make sure that disadvantaged patients will arrive at a healthcare facility and return home without a fuss.  

Supports various transportation needs – There are many reasons for patients to require non-emergency medical transportation. Among the most common ones is being in a wheelchair. Not everyone has a private vehicle that can accommodate a wheelchair user and taxi rides are unsustainable for regular appointments. But besides wheelchair users, bed-ridden patients can also benefit from non-emergency medical transportation

Active Transport provides gurney transportation in Merced, Atwater, Lodi, Stockton, and all nearby areas. The company, in this case, go above and beyond by offering not just door-to-door but also bed-to-bed medical assistance. This also means that Active Transport can lessen the burden of family members who don’t have the knowledge or skills to deal with the intricacies of gurney transportation. 

Transporting Patients on Wheelchairs and Gurneys

Active Transport is dedicated to its mission to mobilize disadvantaged patients, provide peace of mind to their families, and ensure inclusive healthcare. The company is run by a kinesiology major and a military veteran, working closely together to help veterans and non-veterans alike receive efficient transportation services. 

Transporting patients in wheelchairs, especially those on gurneys, requires specialized knowledge and skills. Active Transport proudly offers its extensive experience in patient handling and mobility issues to provide the highest level of care.

In addition, the company remains transparent when it comes to services covered by their Certificate of Insurance. These include emergency room pickups, dialysis drop-offs, intra-facility transfers, and trips to special engagements, among many others.

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