The Importance of Handicapped & Disabled Transportation Service

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Time is crucial for everyone, most especially for handicapped and disabled patients who need to get to their scheduled medical appointments. For these individuals, riding a taxi isn’t always an option, particularly if they’re in wheelchairs or on gurneys. Long-distance travels would also be safer and more comfortable for them if there’s non-emergency medical transportation at hand.

Active Transport, one of California’s trusted non-emergency medical transportation experts, recognizes the need for transport solutions for the disadvantaged, which include the following

On-Time Handicapped & Disabled Transportation from Active Transport

At Active Transport, we value the safety and comfort of our clients. Besides having a team of qualified medical transport professionals, we ensure safety by investing in high-quality vehicles that bring our clients to their destination on time. We help patients manage their health by providing a service without delays, be it for a short-distance and long-distance trip or a door-to-door and bed-to-bed kind of need.

Our punctual staff also brings with them the patience, professionalism, and camaraderie required for a pleasant medical transportation experience. We care about our clients’ comfort, and we show this by offering specialized wheelchair and gurney transportation tailored exactly to their needs.

Client-First Approach to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

We, at Active Transport, put our clients first at the heart of everything we do. This reflects the wide variety of wheelchair and gurney services we have on offer, making the healthcare environment all-inclusive one journey at a time.

We also believe that quality non-emergency medical transportation doesn’t have to cost a lot. We keep our rates reasonable, all while fulfilling our promise of on-time and safe transportation services. At Active Transport, we provide the solution for piling up taxi ride costs, especially if you or your loved one needs to attend regular medical appointments. No car? No problem. It’s in our mission to provide professional help to ensure that handicapped and disabled patients can meet their healthcare needs.

The team at Active Transport is committed to serving you first. For medical assistance, you may get in touch with us by calling at 559-575-0431

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With over 5 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next doctor’s appointment, outpatient clinic, or rehab facility. We provide a professional service for all patients in Merced and San Joaquin Counties

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